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Artist: Richard Thorn; Painting: Along the meadow path
Richard Thorn

Along the meadow

53 x 63 cm ( 21 x 25 in)

Artist: Richard Thorn; Painting: Arthur's Lookout, Cornwall Richard Thorn

Arthur's Lookout,

55 x 67 cm (21½ x 27 in)

Artist: Richard Thorn; Painting: Down the coast to St Ives Richard Thorn

Down the coast to St Ives

13 x 14 in


Artist: Richard Thorn; Painting: Sunset above Westminster Bridge
Richard Thorn

Sunset above Westminster Bridge

Ink & gouache
46 x 51 cm (18 x 20 in)


Richard Thorn was born in Torquay in Devon and living close to the sea it figured prominently in his young life. As a result the sea and coastal landscape is a constant source of subject matter. Richard is an intuitive artist, preferring to paint from 'feeling' rather than an academic standpoint. He says: "I love the poetry of the land and the sea. The associations are strong and deep and I try to convey this in my work".

Mainly self taught, Richard's early influences emerged from studying the paintings of the American masters, such as Winslow Homer, Andrew Wyeth, Edward Hopper and Philip Jameson. His  style owes much to these contemporary exponents of the watercolour medium.

In the early 1980’s Richard Thorn began painting professionally. Since then he has produced many fine paintings of the commanding Devon and Cornish landscapes and coastline. The South West has a “quality of light” that attracts many British artists and Richard Thorn is no exception. He is drawn to the intensely bright and suffuse light, together with the many variations in the coastal and inland landscape of the area.

Richard has had many exhibitions and one man shows. His strong distinctive style and his penchant for light has made his work sought after by Galleries and Collectors throughout the country. In 1998 Richard exhibited his "Images of Portugal" at the Anglo-Portuguese Society in Belgrave Square, London. He is currently preparing a book for publication of his drawings and sketches.
Artist: Richard Thorn; Painting: Fast Water Richard Thorn

Fast Water

34 x 45 cm (13 x 17½ in)

Artist: Richard Thorn; Painting: Near Fingle Bridge, Devon Richard Thorn

Near Fingle Bridge,

48 x 47 cm (18¾ x 18½ in)



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