Jack Fine Art


Appraisal and purchase of paintings at auction

< With a wealth of experience assessing and purchasing paintings at auction we can offer advice on clients' prospective purchases both at auction and from other sources. There are many factors that affect the value and desirability of paintings. We can offer our professional judgement on matters such as authenticity, condition and the value of the work.

The condition of a painting is critical when assessing its value, yet it is surprising how commonly we find that condition reports are very sketchy, providing superficial detail and very little insight. We analyse the work in depth, determining factors such as such as whether a canvas has been re-lined, to what extent the paint is original and whether there is any amount of restoration or in painting. In short, with experience not just in dealing in paintings but also vetting pictures at top London Fairs, we can therefore offer a private collector a service which enables him to excercise his judgement with the eye of a top art market professional./p>

We can arrange to view paintings with you or on your behalf, we can discuss the merits of particular works of art with you and we can negotiate the purchase on your behalf. We can also administrate payment and provide estimates for restoration, framing, shipping and hanging. We can also provide less detailed reports based on digital images or photographs within the constraints that this allows.

Framing & Restoration

We have experts in the field of restoration and relining paintings. We also have an excellent service or restoration and conservation of watercolours and works on paper. Our restorers are acknowledged experts with many years' experience in their field. We provide written estimates before proceeding with any restoration work.


We provide valuations for sale, insurance and probate. Our professional valuation services are subject to a minimum charge of £250 plus VAT, and are subject to our standard conditions excluding liabilty for errors. Full details and charges on request.

Valuation fees may be waived where valuations are for individual items being offered for sale, where we are considering an item for purchase, or negotiating the sale.

We can also arrange professional photography for record purposes