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Tobias Harrison

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Born in 1950, Tobias Harrison's parents were both painters: Audrey Johnson painted flowers; Claude Harrison painted first portraits, then in the 1970's concentrated on his imaginative work, which he still paints.

Tobias became interested in pottery while at school, which led to a to a 30-year long interest and career, which began with a foundation art course at Lancaster 1966-68. Then to Central College London BA 1968-71, followinhg which he worked as a thrower at Chelsea Pottery 1971-74.

Tobias Harrison: Carnations


Oil on panel
10 x 8 inches

Tobias Harrison set up his own studio in 1974, specialising in lusterware, producing items ranging from small bowls to electric fires and fountains.

In 2001 he decided that he wanted a new challenge, so he started painting, having not painted or drawn for 30 years and never in oils.

He says it was a struggle initially, but he soon found he had a great affinity to the medium of oil paint.

Such was his confidence that he sold the last of his pots and dismantled his workshop to start painting.

He makes no conscious attempt to paint in a particular style, letting the subject dictate how he paints. He observes colours and textures faithfully, not as mere photographic reproductions, but with a view to interpret and explain the subject.

He feels that his work is still life , but maintains that his intention is to paint “living life”, and each finished painting challenges him to paint another even better, with a goal of capturing perfectly the essence of subject. He imagines that he could be still on this quest in another 30 years.

Ranunculus in a glass

Oil on panel
10 x 8 inches

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