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Artist: M J Forster; Painting: Liathach, Torridon M J Forster

Liathach, Torridon

50 x 70 cm

M J Forster has developed his love of watercolour and landscape in particular. His broad sweeps of colour and bold washes work to striking effect, and his work has been exhibited successfully by established galleries in London and around the UK
Artist: M J Forster; Painting: Low Tide 2 M J Forster

Low Tide 2

50 x 70 cm

Artist: M J Forster; Painting: Summer Evening M J Forster

Summer Evening

50 x 70 cm

Artist: M J Forster; Painting: Snow on the Moors M J Forster

Snow on the Moors

20 x 30 cm

Born in Oxford in 1975, he has lived and worked for many years in Northumberland. He studied science at university but decided that he wanted to pursue a career in art and set about what he calls his own form of art degree, travelling the world for two years during which time he immersed himself in painting, sketching and reading art history. His extensive travels provided him with rich and diverse experiences from which he was able to develop a unique style of painting on his return to Britain in 2003. 
Artist: M J Forster; Painting: Yorkshire Dales, Winding Road M J Forster

Yorkshire Dales, Winding Road

50 x 70cm

Artist: M J Forster; Painting: Standing Stones M J Forster

Standing Stones

45 x 70 cm


Working in watercolour he concentrates on portraying the British landscape:

“It has always been the immediacy and the instantaneous spontaneity of watercolour that has appealed to me.  The most underrated, misrepresented and misunderstood of all the painting mediums. In theory of course it’s simple; you can only lay a darker colour on top of a lighter one. The implications of that have taken me 20 years to come begin to overcome. I’m a watercolour purist; I use no white paint, no highlights, no masking agents, only the paper. Unlike other painting mediums with watercolour there is no room for error, there is no pause, no rewind, only forwards, and no means of correction. It must be executed perfectly first time around, like an actor on a stage.

This makes its performance as a medium all the more impressive, what it can do, the emotions it can stir, the visions it can achieve are it’s alone.”

Artist: M J Forster; Painting: River Valley M J Forster

River Valley

50 x 70 cm


As time goes on his paintings have been ever evolving and continue to move into other subjects both real and imaginary.

His work has also featured in articles in The Artist and Artist and Illustrators.
Artist: M J Forster; Painting: Heather II M J Forster

Heather II

20 x 30 cm

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