Stephen Jack Fine Art

Contemporary, b. 1974

Animal Sculpture

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Artist: Ian Edwards; Painting: Kingfisher - On the River Ian Edwards

Kingfisher - On the River

Bronze Edition of 24
Length 55cm

Artist: Ian Edwards; Painting: Flowing Waters Ian Edwards

Flowing Waters

53 cm high

Artist: Ian Edwards; Painting: On Alert, Stoat Ian Edwards

On Alert, Stoat


Artist: Ian Edwards; Painting: Summertime Ian Edwards




Ian Edwards was raised in the countryside and developed lasting love of nature and wildlife which is evident in his sculpture. As a young man he served a five year apprenticeship at the world renowned G&H Studios where he fine tuned his ability to portray form and movement.

He has a great gift of expressing his love for nature in a three dimensional form. He aims to capture the essence of his subjects rather than sculpting every last detail. Many of his pieces capture a momentary glimpse, such as the Hare running and turning or the Kingfisher at the waters edge.

Artist: Ian Edwards; Painting: Shallow Waters Ian Edwards

Shallow Waters


Ian spends many hours studying his subjects, with the result that each piece may be anatomically correct, capturing the true behaviour and movement of the subject.

He has exhibited at the British Society of Wildlife Sculptors through which he has achieved popularity with collectors throughout Europe, America and the Middle East.

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